An essay on the history of england

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An essay on the history of england

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: An Essay on the History of England, Cambridge University Press, This is a volume in the long-standing series Ideas in Context, originated by Quentin Skinner and now edited by him and James Tully. It is in fact the seventy-fifth book in the sequence, which seeks to integrate philosophy, the sciences, politics, and literature, and which includes studies of areas other than England and fields other than history.

His basic theme is the development of constitutionalist ideas from the fifteenth century to the reign of Charles I. Throughout he emphasizes the importance of the common [End Page ] law, which he characterizes as the memory of generally agreed national customs.

He sees this as more significant than parliamentary statute or royal prerogative. The writings of a number of major figures are discussed. The relationship between secular and religious thought runs through the study and leads to the conclusion that secular considerations were of greater importance, even for churchmen.

The role of Puritans figures in, and the author spends considerable time describing the position of different Puritan groups. An epilogue discusses the constitutionalism of John Locke. As is perhaps inevitable in writing about ideas rather than events, the style is often involved and repetitive.

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Cromartie offers little in the way of historical background, and readers who do not remember the details of such things as Ship Money, the Five Knights Case, or the Humble Petition and Advice may have trouble following the discussions arising from them.

The volume lacks a conclusion or summary that might lay out the argument clearly and succinctly. The work is based on a number of manuscript sources, mainly in the British Library, as well as printed works of the sixteenth and early seventeenth century.

An excellent bibliography lists these volumes as well as a number of recent related studies, many of which are referred to and discussed in the main text. In the end this is an interesting essay, but perhaps not one for the general reader.

An essay on the history of england

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The History of England from the Accession of James the Second () is the full title of the five-volume work by Lord Macaulay (–) more generally known as The History of covers the year period from to , encompassing the reign of James II, the Glorious Revolution, the coregency of William III and Mary II, and up to William III's death.


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From prehistoric times, the bow was a principal weapon of war and of the hunt throughout the world, except in Australia. Recreational archery also was practiced, along with military, among the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, one instance of the latter being the competition in which Odysseus won the hand of Huns, Seljuq Turks, Mongols, and other nomadic horse archers.

The constitutionalist revolution an essay on the history of england. 4 stars based on reviews Essay. Share: Written by. Related posts.

An essay on the history of england

PAIEMENTS QUELLE EST MA CAPACITÉ FINANCIÈRE, The constitutionalist revolution an essay on the history of england. Child Labor and England’s Industrial Revolution Essay Words | 6 Pages Child Labor and England’s Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution in nineteenth-century England brought about many changes in British society.

The Constitutionalist Revolution: An Essay on the History of England, (Ideas in Context) [Alan Cromartie] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

An innovative account of English constitutional ideas from the mid-fifteenth century to the time of Charles IAuthor: Alan Cromartie.

The constitutionalist revolution an essay on the history of england