A man of the people

Plot introduction[ edit ] A Man of the People is a first-person account of Odili, a school teacher in a fictional country closely resembling post-colonial Nigeria. Odili receives an invitation from his former teacher, Chief Nanga, who is now the powerful but corrupt Minister of Culture. As Minister, Nanga's job is to protect the traditions of his country especially when he is known as "A Man of the People".

A man of the people

The book is narrated by Odili, a young teacher in an unnamed African country run by greedy and corrupt politicians. When Chief Nanga comes to visit his home village, he and Odili meet again, and Chief Nanga invites Odili to stay at his home in the capital city while the Chief makes arrangements to help Odili study abroad.

Odili learns that Chief Nanga lives in luxury as a result of his corrupt practices and knows very little about culture, despite his position.

However, she sleeps with Chief Nanga instead. Odili decides he will take revenge on Chief Nanga by seducing Edna, the young woman the official plans to marry.

Odili becomes involved in a new political party that seeks to replace the current ruling party.

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The members of the new party believe they will provide more effective, more honest government. However, Odili learns the people of his country are quite cynical. They expect politicians will take bribes and make themselves rich.

In fact, many of the people Odili meets are primarily interested in getting a share of the money gathered by corrupt officials. Odili struggles with a number of moral decisions as he wages his campaign, for example having to decide whether to take money as a payment for withdrawing from the election.

He tries to show the people the present government is lying and stealing, but no one seems to care. In fact, Odili is threatened and bullied as he tries to run his campaign, and his father and his village are punished for his actions.

Odili realizes he is genuinely in love with Edna, and his desire for her is no longer just a result of his wish to get revenge on Chief Nanga. Edna, however, feels obligated to marry the Chief because he has given her family money and her father is pressuring her.

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Then the people of the country come forward and talk about how terrible the former government was, despite their support for the same elected officials when they were in power. Edna stands by Odili through his recovery, and eventually his family makes arrangements for Odili to marry her.

A man of the people

Odili is sad to learn of the death of his friend Max, who was killed by a former government official, but reflects an honorable death is about the best one can hope for in so corrupt a country.

Note on Language This book is written in British-style English, so the reader may notice some of the spelling and punctuation is different from American English.

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However, even without understanding every word, the reader can usually get the basic meaning of the dialogue. This section contains words approx."A Man of the People" is, on the surface, a story about incumbent greed and how the man at the top of the food chain will continue to exploit those below him, an exploitation that the people may themselves accept in the name of change/5.

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When published in , The Mismeasure of Man was immediately hailed as a masterwork, the ringing answer to those who would classify people, rank them according to their supposed genetic gifts and limits.

And yet the idea of innate limits―of biology as destiny―dies hard, as witness the attention devoted to The Bell Curve, whose. Written in , A Man of the People by Chinua Achebe is a story of warlords, mentorship, and even revenge and romance.

It begins with the narrator, Odili, who is a teacher in a small African village, central to a corrupt and debased government.

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A man of the people

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